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"Grandee" by Clive Read


31.03, 01.04, 02.04. (Matiné), 06.04., 07.04., 08.04.2017 - Kulturforum am Hafen 


What do you do when you find out that a gorgeous girl is in fact your step great grandmother? Confused? All will be revealed in Clive Read's comedy "Grandee".

"Grandee" is a hilarious play about the events following the death of Great Grandfather 'D' aged 96. The family are in for some surprises and revelations - not to mention a living will - when they return from the funeral.


Desmond Thompson "Grandee", deceased at 96, eccentric character Karsten Wildeisen
Harold Thompson Son of above, very conservative, town councilor Jürgen Kotisa
David Thompson Son of above, down-to-earth, fond of his grandfather Jan Andresen
Gillian Thompson David's wife, in constant battle with her father-in-law Waltraud Hundeshagen
Stuart Thompson Student, Great grandson of "Grandee", loves him Dennis Tappert
Gemma Thompson Sister of above Inge Stücken
Ms April Simpson Lawyer, prim and proper, secretly in love with "Grandee"

Martina Stölting /

Heike Bergmeyer

Olga Vamp from Russia, ... Susann Berndsen
Foxi - dead for more than 30 years now!
Foxi - dead for more than 30 years now!

2017-03-31 - Successful Premiere of "Grandee"

Photos: Christa Meyer


Many thanks to Franziska Felsch (BT) for these photos!


Thanks to Christa Meyer for these photos of our final show!

Program-Flyer 2017
Program-Flyer 2017

What the press wrote:

Buxtehuder Tageblatt, 08.04.2017
Buxtehuder Tageblatt, 08.04.2017

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Tuesday, January 21

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